Musician’s Rights

Dave Pomeroy, AFM Leader, named in 1991 Studio Musician of the Year, is a musician’s rights advocate. He’s played electric and acoustic bass on more than 500 albums in his 33 years in Nashville. Dave has established himself as a world class bassist, performer, writer and producer.

Puckett’s Makes Music

  Andy Marshall built a business from Tennessee’s most precious natural resource.  A story of a grocery that became a restaurant that became an important music venue. His affinity for songwriters and performers and their opportunity to engage and connect with their audience, at Puckett’s Grocery, is magic! You hear the story behind the song, Continue Reading

Carl Perkins

Carl Perkins initially let Jay Perkins of The Perkins Brothers do most of the singing.  Carl played lead guitar for the Perkins Brothers Band which, as Carl explains to us in our interview for Music Path, is difficult to do while singing lead himself.  He tells us about being married to a woman who knew a Continue Reading

Sonny Throckmorton

James Fron “Sonny” Throckmorton is an American country music singer songwriter who grew up in Texas.  When he came to Nashville and signed with Tree Publishing (Sony ATV), he was fired after none of his songs became hits. He returned to Texas, leaving his catalog of songs and demos behind, but within 9 months, 170 Continue Reading

Sonny Boy Williamson

  John Lee Curtis “Sonny Boy” Williamson grew up in Jackson, TN. He introduced the harmonica as a solo instrument for blues performers and electrified its sound with a $200 public address amplifier.  Billy Boy Arnold met Sonny Boy and asked him to teach him to play the harmonica.  Before Sonny Boy was killed in Continue Reading

Rolling Stones Sax Man

Music Path is a podcast about music, and some of the places, in the U.S., where it was conceived and performed, where inspiration and life collided to generate blues, bluegrass, country, gospel, soul, rockabilly and rock and roll at the crossroads of American History and renowned scenic beauty. Whether you’re interested in Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana Continue Reading