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Music Path is a podcast about music, and some of the places, in the United States where it was conceived and performed.  It includes blues, bluegrass, country, gospel, soul, rockabilly and rock and roll music, but also the artists who lived it, wrote it and performed it.

Whether you’re interested in music from Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas or Tennessee, states that make up the Americana Music Triangle, or the Tennessee Music Pathway, you’ll hear about cool places you’ll want to visit.

Music Path on an individual level is also about writing, performing and getting your music heard. If you love music, but don’t create it, you’ll hear from musicians who do, about life on the road and in the studio and some of the things that make them laugh… or sigh.

We hope you’ll join us the first and third Monday of each month for our podcast on iTunes. Go to our website music-path.org for show notes, coupons and exclusive offers. Leave a comment and tell someone else about our show.

Music Path is brought to you by The Legends of Tennessee Music Museum at the Carnegie in Jackson Tennessee, the world’s largest Carl Perkins exhibit and the site of the first Hard Rock Café in the U.S.

Jackson is located between Nashville and Memphis on Interstate 40.

Our 125 year old home, Andrew Carnegie built it and we celebrate the music of The Legends of Tennessee Music here and we are the home of the first Hard Rock Cafe in the United States. We even have the Tee shirt, you should too

The world’s largest Carl Perkins exhibit and the story of how Jackson local, Isaac Tigrett, founded the Hard Rock Cafe and the House of Blues

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