Sonny Throckmorton

James Fron “Sonny” Throckmorton is an American country music singer songwriter who grew up in Texas.  When he came to Nashville and signed with Tree Publishing (Sony ATV), he was fired after none of his songs became hits.

He returned to Texas, leaving his catalog of songs and demos behind, but within 9 months, 170 of this songs were recorded, were hits and he was rehired by Tree.Sonny has more than 1,000 of his songs recorded by various country singers.  He’s a member of the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame and was awarded Songwriter of the Year for 3 consecutive years.

He credits Don Gant, who left Tree Publishing with creating an atmosphere where he and other songwriters could flourish.

Sonny tells us about growing up an evangelist’s son, riding from one revival to another.  He remembers his first song and how it help show him how to write to touch the heart.

The Oak Ridge Boys “Together” Album, 1980, Trying To Love Two Women

Emmylou Harris “Cimarron” Album, 1981, The Last Cheater’s Waltz

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