Ricky Ray – Granny’s Angels


Ricky Ray is an accomplished musician, living, writing, producing, and thriving in the music industry in Nashville, Tennessee. His first fuzzy memory is a guitar on his granny’s lap, being played slide with a butter knife.

Forty years ago he drove his red 1966 pickup truck from Alabama to Centennial Park in Nashville. Initially, that was his home while he began exploring Music Row during the day and meeting other musicians and performers at night.

After 2 years on the road with Tom T Hall, he joined Don Gant, starting Old Friends, Golden Bridges Publishing.

He played with a 13 piece band, The Nerve, selling out 4 nights a week, for almost 8 years, but Music City in the late 70’s recorded country music, not whatever this was. No one knew what to do with the Nerve other than celebrate it.

His grandmother, who first showed him the guitar, shows him the angels where the music comes from as her last act.

9 thoughts on “Ricky Ray – Granny’s Angels”

  1. Thanks for the heads up Ricky! So proud of you and your energy. Always positive!!!!!

    Let’s set a date and time to write a few! Really!!!

    My best, Jim

  2. Ricky Ray, brother love your story, love your heart! I must admit I was greatly touched as memories of my grandmother came flooding back about the time I spent in Clarksdale Miss in her summer gardens…
    Thanks for sharing, be blessed my friend!

  3. Great performance at Jim Parker’s Friday, and I’m so glad you told us about the podcast — great stuff! Now if I can figure out how to play some of those licks you played!

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