Ricky Ray A Tree Becomes a Guitar

If you listened to Episode 6 you already heard how Ricky Ray came to music and came to Nashville from the Muscle Shoals area of Alabama. He tells us what he knows about the trees that become guitars and the guitars that become priceless classics of sound reproduction, and a guitar he bought for his friend from the same tree as Trigger. They end the episode by singing Ricky’s song old guitar.

2 thoughts on “Ricky Ray A Tree Becomes a Guitar”

  1. Ricky Ray, My old friend you are a blessing!! Old Guitar serves as the epitome of life!! Anyone that listens will experience the quintessential example of faith!! Keep writing, singing and playing an essential element of your soul!! This soul feels it. Your gift of music was apparent back in our school days. You have allowed the years to shine brightly; with God, Granny and heavenly angels leading your path of life!!

  2. Thank you so! Just followed my heart! N my guitar into music city! Thank you so much!! So thankful to help keep the “” carnegie hall going with carl perkins leading us! God bless jackson tn n carl perkins and “”the great ws holland

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